Couples Coach

Build healthy patterns.

Romance is the bread and butter of life.  Often, however, couples become stuck in patterns which undermine well-being. We will explore the envelope of your relationship and break through barriers which do not serve you. With this and an appropriate support systems, we will build more satisfying intimacy.

Wedding Officiant

Design your perfect ceremony.

I am passionate about officiating unique wedding ceremonies while helping couples create a radiant foundation for a successful and satisfying marriage. In addition to officiating your ceremony, I facilitate private couples coaching before and after your wedding, and help your guests connect on your wedding day.

Group Events

Skills for working in groups.

Being part of a group can be powerful. Whether a Couples Canoe Adventure, or a community gathering, I guide the experience of connecting with others. I do this through a unique blend of living systems theory, social engineering and conventional team building activities.


Relationships hold the key to our well-being!

Develop healthier relationship-- with yourself, with your partner, and with your community. I am committed to helping relationships thrive. I build community that supports healthy partnerships.