Congratulations on your Engagement!


I officiate unique wedding ceremonies while helping couples create a radiant foundation for a successful and satisfying marriage.


Thanks to your participation in the 5 Day Wedded Bliss Challenge, I offer you a gift of a 30% discount on the following, all-inclusive package.

A three-part system to creating YOUR unique and powerful wedding!


#1: Ceremony Celebrant

I work directly with you to create a personalized ceremony. With a tool kit of frameworks, ceremony structure options, ideas and quotes, together we build the exact ceremony you're envisioning, which I will execute with love, strength and peace. Elements I've brought into weddings I've officiated are things like telling your love story, community vows, collective moment of silence to bring everyone into awareness of their love and well wishes for you, a community ring warming and installing fun surprises under every seat. 


#2: Couples Coaching

Getting married is a really big deal! Religious officials traditionally provided marriage counseling, but with so many couples choosing secular weddings, this counseling aspect often goes lacking. For months leading up to your big day, during the wedding and after, I support your partnership in building a solid foundation to the life you are creating together. Aspects of this coaching work might include learning new communication tools, creating joint mission statements and shared agreements, last name discussions, vow writing, etc.


#3: Community Connection

Weddings release an immense amount of shared joy! Your community celebrates together, bonding over the fact that they all love YOU TWO. You've likely felt this at a wedding you've attended. This is possibly the one time you will have all these people in the same place, making it the ultimate opportunity to build a strong community around you! The community bonds that form on your wedding day are what will support your partnership in years to come. Being the couple at the center, these interactions can be stressful to facilitate, especially if you are not a huge extrovert. Don't miss your chance to help your families and friends connect. I'll facilitate their connections through meaningful interactions, circles and playful games-- allowing you to focus on enjoying your wedding weekend more fully.


Package Details:

Ceremony Celebrant: With your input, I create and deliver a personally designed ceremony. You and every one of your guests will leave feeling moved, connected, important, uplifted and joyful. (Plus anything else you'd like them to feel!)

Approximately 30 minutes in length.

Couples Coaching: 10 hours of private sessions in which we'll explore many topics, including:

Setting Intentions for Your Life Together . Successful Partnership . Building a Strong Relationship to Self . Importance of Community Support and Inclusion . Keeping the Flame Lit . Vow Support . Family Name Support . Breaking Free from Recurring Relationship Patterns . Handling Stresses . Protecting the EcoSystem of your Partnership . Family of Origin . Followup Support Post Wedding 

Community Connection: With your input, I will design and facilitate meaningful connections between your closest family and friends. This is typically inclusive of family and your wedding party.

Approximately 60 minutes in length.


Standard All Inclusive Package Price: $2,800

What you'll pay: $1,960!




"We asked Sarah to officiate our wedding because of our trust in her. We knew she would bring the utmost care and professionalism, and infuse our ceremony with love and a personal touch. And she did! She came along for all our family festivities throughout the weekend, connected with our loved ones and made sure they felt included and important. She jumped in to organize our bridal parties and oversaw communications. Over the years, Sarah has provided much insight and support to our partnership. We are thriving and so happy!"

-Ingrid and Miguel Alvarez, July, 2016

"Sarah did an amazing job officiating our wedding.  She helped give us direction and get us thinking about how our perfect ceremony would unfold-- we didn't have specific requirements for our ceremony content.  With Sarah, we discussed our vision. She gave us a framework and asked us the right questions to create a ceremony that truly represented us.  She connected with our family and friends to gather details about our love story and how our community views our relationship.  Sarah is a very open individual, who can connect with anyone on multiple levels and really read into what it is that you are needing or wanting.  You can feel by her presence she is someone who embodies love and wishes to contribute to and grow the love of your partnership.  We highly recommend using Sarah as an officiant to anyone who wants their wedding to build community and connection! She does a fantastic job creating a beautiful ceremony and loving community!"

-Caitlin Delap and Grant Gundrum, September, 2016

wedding smaller.jpeg


A canoe trip turned out to be one of the most extraordinary of my life.  I left single and came back married!  And there is so much more to talk about – the soulful, professional, fun guidance Lauren and Sarah, remote beauty, outrageous stars, delicious love, long, sweet canoe floats, SWIMMING, ever deepening and amusing camaraderie with the group, jungle surgery, yummy meals, and the SWEETEST time ever with my now husband. I still prefer ‘glamping’ but, for me, this trip was UTTER MAGIC and SHEER PERFECTION.”

-Adelyn Jones, and Mercury Roberts, who decided impromptu to wed on a canoe trip I hosted, August, 2016





I've been to countless weddings and ceremonies of various types and I must say, Sarah truly has a gift. She facilitated the marriage of my friends to perfection with depth and humor and grace. I recommend her for any ceremonial leadership you might have need for and especially for those involving a love bond."

-Jesse Seavers



"Sarah officiated my daughter's wedding last July. Aside from being a lovely woman outwardly, it was Sarah's inner ambiance that helped create the happiest day of my daughter's life. Sarah took a great deal of time learning about the romance which ultimately led to the big day. All of the conventional traditions were there but Sarah's intrinsic instinct of life and love added a unique and earthy quality that was truly magical. I would highly recommend this lovely, young women to anyone about to take their marriage vows!"

-Cathy Bergquist



"I've witnessed Sarah officiate several weddings.  She is compassionate, articulate, kind and honest.  She uses her skill as a coach to get to know you, weaving together the narrative of a couple's joint existence, and delivering that story gracefulness to an audience.  This isn't just her job, it's what she lives for -- and it shows."

-Nick Masson



"I was at a wedding last summer that Sarah facilitated on a couples canoe trip we co-hosted and it was amazing! The venue was perfect, and her words were incredible, inspiring, and appropriate. She is also a talented couples coach and I was witness to highly skilled coaching with 2 different couples- one was the couple who got married later in the week. She is amazing!"

-Lauren Bond Kovsky