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Relationship Skills: Business Team Dynamics

Are you a leader struggling to get respect from your staff?

Are you a team member wishing your colleagues were easier to communicate with?

Do you yearn for greater satisfaction and aliveness in your work?

Healthy groups are more innovative. This event is for anyone looking to build trust, collaboration and effective communication skills within their team. Groups of people abide by living system principles. Using this lens, we will explore how to maximize creativity and innovation while turning any challenge into an opportunity.

You will leave with tools to:

1) navigate challenges with creativity

2) align employee motivation with company mission

3) use feedback to increase productivity


Teams and individuals both welcome. Please arrive between 6-6:30.

“Culture eats strategy for breakfast!”-Peter Drucker



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About System Dynamics for Business Teams instructor Sarah Oswald

Sarah Oswald will help navigate the challenges of teamwork which can accelerate or kill an organization.

She holds a Masters degree in Resilient Leadership from Naropa University, and is passionate about systems theory, contemplative inner-work and social engineering. She is also a certified teacher of MatrixWorks: a model of group-dynamics which has been used to increase productivity and innovation in business teams worldwide. Recently, she has been having a blast volunteering with as their SF City Organizer.

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