Mystery Games & Authentic Connection for Couples & Singles

-A review of Random Acts of Date Night by Beth Kuper-

Sarah Lila Oswald and Rachel Thor are creating community connection through a new kind of game-playing that promotes authenticity and deeper communication instead of superficial chit-chat. Masters of group dynamics, Sarah and Rachel provided thoughtful and insightful leadership to two dozen participants at the second event in their series of “Random Acts of Date Night” which I attended on Feb. 27.

The venue was a stunning space in Boulder, a large room with charcoal gray walls and white accents, providing a softly lit and inviting environment for us to kick off our shoes and sit in a large circle on pillows scattered over a polished walnut floor. Not everyone attended solo, because a number of couples were there as well as many people who brought their friends, ranging in age from 20s through 60s.

Sitting in the most ancient form of human connection, the circle, we shared why we had come. The common thread was our desire for community, the chance to meet like-minded people, and most of all to talk meaningfully in ways we didn’t know how to initiate — but wished we could. After listening to Sarah and Rachel’s game instructions, half of us dressed up in costumes and props as Zombies (yes, I do believe Zombies have more fun) and half of us were just plain humans. But we all sat down together in small groups of 2, 3 or 4 people and drew cards with some very intriguing questions for us to discuss in a safe and supportive setting, punctuated with laughter and enjoyment.

Zombies transformed into humans (shedding their costumes), and at the roll of a die, humans became zombies. It sounds weird, but it was 3 hours of fun and connection with an invitation to attend on the last Saturday of next month. Everyone present was gifted with a 40% off coupon for the admission price, and I know I’ll come again because it’s just too wonderful to miss. The leaders promise they will create entirely new games at each event.

I feel like I’m now part of the lives of fellow cohorts both in my small groups and in the presence of the larger gathering. The energy of the opening circle was lighthearted, curious and uncertain, but willing to try something new. The closing circle energy was deeper, more grounded, more present and more open — but both circles were inclusive of everyone. 

And isn’t that the key? Inclusion of everyone, because we all have a story to tell, if we only give each other permission to ask the right questions. Sarah and Rachel provide the environment and the creative structure where new ways of connection can unfold. Community happens if you just show up!

Review by Beth Kuper, Human Resources Consultant & Recruiter



Rachel and Sarah are building community centered around fun, authenticity, and connection.

  • Do you and your partner want to meet a new community that supports your relationship?

  • Are you single and loving every opportunity to connect with lots of people, yet ready to create a tighter circle?

  • Do you wish someone would plan a kickass Saturday night full of laughter, surprises, and authentic community for you and 40 of your soon-to-be-friends?


Each RAD Night features an amazingly fun, wacky experience and circle ‘round for deeper conversations. The best part is, you will be deciding the topics you want to cover, so the discussions are catered to you and created by you!

*The real date you get to go on is with yourself - in community.*


Upcoming RAD Night: June 25th

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