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Getting married is a really big deal! Religious officiants traditionally provide marriage counseling, but with so many couples choosing secular weddings, this counseling aspect is often forgotten. Before and after your wedding day, coaching will support your partnership in building a solid foundation for the life you are creating together.


Private sessions (scheduled in two-hour blocks, to allow us to go deeper and see results faster), in which we will explore topics such as:

Setting Intentions . Constructive Conflict . Beliefs & Values . Building Traditions

Breaking Free from Toxic Patterns . Handling Stresses . Joint Decision Making

Maintaining Passion Over the Years . Agreements on Fidelity . Building a Strong Relationship with Self

Community Support and Inclusion . Family Dynamics . Children/Parenting . Finances as a Couple


My work with couples comes from a living systems perspective, with a focus on relationship to self and community for a thriving romantic partnership. I am a trained as a Relational Life Therapist, a model of couples coaching focused on Full Respect Living, Relational Empowerment and Fierce Intimacy.

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"Working with you has completely transformed our relationship. You are a gifted coach and have been so on point with knowing how to support us! We are communicating better than ever, aware of our patterns, and able to work through a fight MUCH more quickly. I now realize that our disagreements have gifts! You have made a big difference for us. Your coaching has taught me how to communicate my truth through conversations that are gentle, kind, loving and affirming; and yet I am making my point, taking care of myself, and not being a doormat! What I have learned from you is just fantastic. We would NOT be where we are today without the sessions we've had with you, Sarah. You got what was going on and you saved us. You really did. I just can't thank you enough."

Anne Marie and Skip, June, 2017

"My husband and I were really struggling with our wedding planning. It was stressful with family drama and we didn't know where to turn. We started working with Sarah, and were IMMEDIATELY blown away. She was patient, thoughtful, organized, attentive, caring... basically everything we were looking for, but SO much more. Every time my husband and I would end a session with her, we were shocked by her careful attentiveness and presence. She KNEW what she was doing and she did it so well. She was SO easy to work with. Overtime, we had multiple sessions with her - which felt like intimate relationship coaching sessions. Which, allowed my husband and I to deepen our relationship. It's like she was helping us connect through being a wedding officiant, and through the process, my husband and I would fall in love with each other more."

-Kiyomi LaFleur and Joel Kaplan, September, 2018


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“Sarah has helped us realize the depth of love we share. We are more compassionate, present minded, and forward thinking. We learned the value of big and small community, and we couldn’t be better prepared for marriage.
We believe Sarah is servicing the world through her calling to bring couples and communities together in companionship and celebration, and we can’t recommend her more highly.”

Taylor and Kimi, September, 2018

"We met with Sarah three times before our wedding as a way to set aside time to discuss issues in our relationship about which we were contemplating. This having been the first time either of us had worked with a coach, we were both nervous. Sarah recognized that immediately and was able to frame an atmosphere that helped us relax and share freely. Her skill that first session allowed us to approach the next two sessions with excitement and comfort. Sarah balanced sharing personal experience, to help us feel like she understood from where we were coming, with skill of keeping sessions focused on us and our needs. She was kind, warm and also allowed us the space to laugh. We truly enjoyed the experience working with Sarah and would like to figure out a way to make space in our lives for continued coaching."

Rachel and Shawn, August, 2017

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"Our time with Sarah has been absolutely eye opening.  Sarah has given us the space needed to thoughtfully reflect on the relationships we have with others, and with ourselves. By the end of only a few sessions, we took a step back and saw how far we had come.  We can say confidently that with Sarah's help we have greatly improved our ability to communicate with ourselves, each other and the people surrounding us."

Aaron and Dayna, May, 2017










"Emotion is the messenger of love; it is the vehicle that carries every signal from one brimming heart to another. For human beings, feeling deeply is synonymous with being alive."

-Thomas Lewis, A General Theory of Love