Personalized ceremonies for couples wishing to create a radiant foundation for a successful & satisfying marriage.

Couples Choice award winner from  WeddingWire  recognizes  Lead Your Love Life  in the top 5% of wedding professionals nationwide, both in 2019, and 2018.

Couples Choice award winner from WeddingWire recognizes Lead Your Love Life in the top 5% of wedding professionals nationwide, both in 2019, and 2018.


I embrace and welcome all couples and offer a 3-part system to creating your unique and powerful wedding ceremony!

Sarah Oswald Wedding Officiant

#1: Ceremony Celebrant

Together, we'll create a personalized wedding ceremony. I come prepared with various frameworks, ceremony structure possibilities, creative ideas for community engagement and love-filled quotes for you to pull from. 

Taking time to build our relationship will ensure that I am able to deliver your ceremony with love and insight into your partnership, and so that you can develop trust in me as a guide. On the day of your wedding, I will manage the ceremony details and people involved, so you can relax and enjoy each moment of the day with your loved ones.

Elements I've brought into ceremonies include telling your love story, ring warming, community vows, and playful surprises for each of your guests.


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#2: Premarital Coaching

Getting married is a really big deal! Religious officials traditionally provided marriage counseling, but with so many couples choosing secular weddings, this counseling aspect often goes lacking. For months leading up to your big day, during the wedding and after, I support your partnership in building a solid foundation to the life you are creating together. Aspects of this coaching work might include learning new communication tools, creating joint mission statements and shared agreements, last name discussions, vow writing, etc.


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#3: Community Connector

Weddings release an immense amount of shared joy! Your community celebrates together, bonding over the fact that they all love YOU TWO. You've likely felt this at a wedding you've attended. This is possibly the one time you will have all these people in the same place, making it the ultimate opportunity to build a strong community around you! The community bonds that form on your wedding day are what will support your partnership in years to come. Being the couple at the center, these interactions can be stressful to facilitate, especially if you are not a huge extrovert. Don't miss your chance to help your families and friends connect. I'll facilitate their connections through meaningful interactions, circles and playful games-- allowing you to focus on enjoying your wedding weekend more fully.

Sarah Oswald, Lead Your Love Life,  Wedding Officiant, Oakland, California

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Big thank you to Kiyomi and Joel who generously recorded this video about their experience working with me!

Sarah Oswald, wedding officiant, bay area

“Sarah is beyond incredible at what she does. We cannot thank her enough for officiating our wedding. Sarah did such an amazing job and it truly is something we will cherish forever. She was kind, attentive, and truly showcased the love that my bride and I shared. She did an incredible job of providing examples and tidbits to help us form a perfect and personalized ceremony script a long with providing guidance for writing our vows. It was so important to us to have someone who supported our marriage as an LGBT couple. She was beyond perfect for our special day and if you want someone who is genuine then you have found her.”

-Desiree and Luci, September, 2019


"We fell in love with Sarah 2 years before our wedding. Our chemistry and energy matched from the first meeting. She understood our vision and our goofy personalities. Together we created a very special, emotional and fun ceremony that even pouring rain and stopping half way through didn't matter. She was able to hold it together in such a loving calming way, that everyone was very complimentary about her. We have had so many magical moments during the ceremony, that no one will ever forget it. Thank you so much dearest Sarah, for making our Day - a day we were waiting for 11 years - absolutely PERFECT!"

-Gosia and Scott, July, 2019

Lead Your Love Life, officiating wedding, Sarah Oswald

Lead Your Love Life, Sarah Oswald, Wedding Officiant
Lead Your Love Life, Sarah Oswald, Wedding Officiant

"She gave us the words to our love story. We loved everything about Sarah as our officiant! Once I reached out to Sarah through Wedding Wire, she quickly responded and setup a call with my fiancé and me. She asked questions mostly about *us* to get to know us, not just the wedding details. She made it not feel like just a transaction. I found Sarah to be very organized, she setup check-in points leading up to the wedding that helped me stay on track. I appreciated that so much! On our wedding day, Sarah's delivery was powerful and personal. She has a very soothing voice and she talked about us like she knew us. Several of my guests asked me if she knew us and said she was great - they were surprised she didn't know us beforehand! Just another testament to how seriously Sarah takes each wedding. I am already enjoying going back to listen to my wedding video and listening to the ceremony, she put the words to our love story and made it shareable with all of our friends and family... If you are having your wedding recorded - having a strong speaker as your officiant is key! They are like a narrator, and the quality of your officiant will show on your video. My husband and I wholeheartedly recommend Sarah."

-Jamie & Paul, June, 2019

“Sarah is magical! Warm, inviting - and deeply thorough in her process. She took the time to know us as a couple, and made our wedding everything it could be, and more. 

If you're looking for a true professional - someone unafraid to challenge your notion of marriage, commitment, and the systems that drive a healthy union - Sarah is unreservedly the officiant for you! 

Lead Your Love Life Officiant

Thanks again, Sarah. We loved having you guide us through this journey, keeping us engaged/positive/playful and curious. We'll never forget it!”

-Rob Dolan & Michelle Beaulieu, May, 2019

“Sarah is absolutely a dream to work with! From the very beginning, it felt like we were old friends. She is professional and also personable… The process of crafting our ceremony with Sarah's guidance brought us closer as a couple- forcing us to look deeper into our relationship and ourselves. It was a very vulnerable yet beautiful experience- like falling in love all over again...

Sarah has a special gift for creating the space, grounding and setting the tone for your wedding day... Just trust her!!! We had so many compliments on our ceremony, everyone kept saying it was the most beautiful and unique ceremony they've ever been to! That they were so engaged in what was happening and how eloquently our love story was told. We couldn't have found a better person to officiate our day!”

-Lea & Vijay Ramesh, April, 2019

Lead Your Love Life, wedding officiant, Oakland

Lead Your Love Life, Wedding Officiant, Deer Park Villa, California

“Warm, open, and deserving of your trust. Sarah was not only a wonderful officiant for our ceremony day, but a friend and close counsel for months before the big day. We were drawn to her experience with couples counseling and designing individualized ceremonies, and were blown away with the outcome of ours. Guests from our wedding are still raving about the sweet, personal touches and how "us" everything was. Sarah is a vivacious team player and so easy to make a deep connection with - she loves what she does and shines bright.”

-Chelsea & Adam Price-Gallinat, April, 2019

“An easy choice. Spectacular Ceremony! From the moment we first met Sarah, we knew she was going to be the one to marry us. She was grounded, genuine, and confident. She made planning out the ceremony effortless and allowed us to easily come up with what we wanted to say. Though our wedding was just one of many that Sarah has officiated, my wife and I truly felt like our wedding was the only one that mattered to her due to her dedication and obvious love for what she does.”

-Conor & Megan Acomb, February, 2019

Sarah Oswald, Lead Your Love Life,  Wedding Officiant, Oakland, California

Sarah Oswald, Lead Your Love Life,  Wedding Officiant, Oakland, California
Sarah Oswald, Lead Your Love Life,  Wedding Officiant, Oakland, California

"My husband and I were really struggling with our wedding planning. We weren't sure where to start and who to hire as an officiant. Our wedding planning was stressful enough already (with family drama), and we didn't know where to turn. We started working with Sarah, and were IMMEDIATELY blown away. She was patient, thoughtful, organized, attentive, caring... basically everything we were looking for in a wedding officiant, but SO much more. Every time my husband and I would end a session with her, we were shocked by her careful attentiveness and presence. She KNEW what she was doing and she did it so well. She was SO easy to work with. Overtime, we had multiple sessions with her - which felt like intimate relationship coaching sessions. Which, allowed my husband and I to deepen our relationship. It's like she was helping us connect through being a wedding officiant, and through the process, my husband and I would fall in love with each other more. Sarah created an incredible ceremony for us. An amazing ceremony beyond words. My husband and I agree, the ceremony and her work was THE best part of the wedding. So many people came up to us... even a couple weeks later... asking about her and the ceremony. To this day, they compliment us with our ceremony and how it was so "us", and how they felt so "connected", and felt the deep love because of Sarah. So many people complimented us on our wedding officiant - which is a rare thing to do!  If you're thinking of hiring Sarah Oswald as a wedding officiant, let me tell you, you MUST DO IT. We have nothing but spectacular, amazing things to say about Sarah, and if we were to get married again, we would hire her in a heart beat. Thank you, Sarah, for making the wedding process so easy, organized and spectacular. You made our wedding ours and it was the best part of the special day."

-Kiyomi LaFleur and Joel Kaplan, September, 2018

“We searched for a premarital counselor and officiant in sync with people, nature, and the greater spirit. We found Sarah and were whole! Sarah has helped us realize the depth of love we share. We are more compassionate, present minded, forward thinking, and can serve each other for each other. We learned the value and importance of big and small community, and we couldn’t be better prepared for marriage.

We wanted a unique ceremony and got nothing less. Sarah came to us with a beautiful framework. Seriously all our guests commented on how they never cry at weddings but were so touched by ours they shed tears!

We believe Sarah is servicing the world through her calling to bring couples and communities together in companionship and celebration, and we can’t recommend her more highly.”

-Taylor Ramagos and Kimi Bengochea, September, 2018

Sarah Oswald, Lead Your Love Life,  Wedding Officiant, Oakland, California

Image by Tatiana Gulenkina Photography

Image by Tatiana Gulenkina Photography

Image by Tatiana Gulenkina Photography

Image by Tatiana Gulenkina Photography

“Before planning our wedding, we had a fairly concrete vision set for our ceremony. To give an idea of how specific we were, our ideal ceremony included: Chinese translation (done by our maid of honor), a tea ceremony, Christian elements, an emphasis on our personal values, community thank-yous and our dog bringing us our rings! Sarah refined our initial ideas and made the ceremony really shine with a carefully crafted process. First, she sent us a survey with questions that let us reflect on our relationship, our feelings for each other and our community. She then put together a ceremony draft together that we collaboratively edited. Sarah also made sure to meet up with us several times in person to go through any questions we might have. Besides the ceremony writing process, Sarah has a unique presence which makes her a natural public speaker. Thank you for making our wedding day wonderful!”

-Stephen Chan and Josie Zhang, September, 2018

“She's the full package, we would strongly recommend having Sarah as an officiant to anyone! It created a stress free environment knowing that our officiant had it all planned to a T and had back up plans to make sure it all went smoothly. A very great experience! Sarah worked with us on every last detail and made sure to keep our wedding unique and everything that we wanted. She was helpful in answering all questions and was timely about making sure everything got taken care of before the ceremony date. She was so prepared for everything and made sure we were prepared as well and even had copies of our vows, all very helpful! She was amazing at writing the script and creating a ceremony that was perfect for us and completely captured our relationship.”

-Sierra Dale and Keaton Smith, July, 2018

Sarah Oswald, Lead Your Love Life,  Wedding Officiant, Oakland, California

Sarah Oswald, Lead Your Love Life,  Wedding Officiant, Oakland, California

“Sarah was a true blessing. She did an amazing job writing and performing our ceremony. It was unique, special and fit us perfectly. We were so grateful to have her be with us on our big day. I was so stressed out about having the perfect ceremony and thanks to Sarah we did!”

-Melissa Ziganti and Jim Sifton, 2018

Sarah Oswald, Lead Your Love Life,  Wedding Officiant, Oakland, California

"Sarah was the best officiant we could have imagined. She was thorough and attentive at every moment, and brought great joy to the process of creating our ceremony. A few of our friends said that it was the best wedding they had ever attended and I credit much of it to Sarah. She went above and beyond, was present, clear and organized at every meeting, very communicative, professional, and just a joy to work with. Sarah did an excellent job of assisting in creating the space and ceremony that best suited us, and directed and performed it to perfection. Thank you so much Sarah!"

-Aryn Moulton and Daniel McNichol, September, 2017

Sarah Oswald, Lead Your Love Life,  Wedding Officiant, Oakland, California

"We asked Sarah to officiate our wedding because of our trust in her. We knew she would bring the utmost care and professionalism, and infuse our ceremony with love and a personal touch. And she did! She came along for all our family festivities throughout the weekend, connected with our loved ones and made sure they felt included and important. She jumped in to organize our bridal parties and oversaw communications. Over the years, Sarah has provided much insight and support to our partnership. We are thriving and so happy!"

-Ingrid and Miguel Alvarez, July, 2016

"Sarah did an amazing job officiating our wedding.  She helped give us direction and get us thinking about how our perfect ceremony would unfold. With Sarah, we discussed our vision. She gave us a framework and asked us the right questions to create a ceremony that truly represented us.  She connected with our family and friends to gather details about our love story and how our community views our relationship.  Sarah is a very open individual, who can connect with anyone on multiple levels and really read into what it is that you are needing or wanting.  You can feel by her presence she is someone who embodies love and wishes to contribute to and grow the love of your partnership.  We highly recommend using Sarah as an officiant to anyone who wants their wedding to build community and connection! She does a fantastic job creating a beautiful ceremony and loving community!"

-Caitlin Delap and Grant Gundrum, September, 2016

Sarah Oswald, Lead Your Love Life,  Wedding Officiant, Oakland, California

Sarah Oswald, Lead Your Love Life,  Wedding Officiant, Oakland, California

“A canoe trip turned out to be one of the most extraordinary of my life.  I left single and came back married! The soulful, professional, fun guidance from Sarah and Lauren, remote beauty, outrageous stars, delicious love, long, sweet canoe floats, SWIMMING, ever deepening and amusing camaraderie with the group, jungle surgery, yummy meals, and the SWEETEST time ever with my now husband. I still prefer ‘glamping’ but, for me, this trip was UTTER MAGIC and SHEER PERFECTION.”

-Adelyn Jones, and Mercury Roberts, who decided impromptu to get married on a canoe trip I host every Summer. I officiated their wedding on the river. August, 2016

"Working with you has completely transformed our relationship. You are a gifted coach and have been so on point with knowing how to support us! We are communicating better than ever, aware of our patterns, and able to work through a fight MUCH more quickly. I now realize that our disagreements have gifts! You have made a big difference for us. Your coaching has taught me how to communicate my truth through conversations that are gentle, kind, loving and affirming; and yet I am making my point, taking care of myself, and not being a doormat! What I have learned from you is just fantastic. We would NOT be where we are today without the sessions we've had with you, Sarah. You got what was going on and you saved us. You really did. I just can't thank you enough."

-Anne Marie and Skip, July, 2017

Sarah Oswald, Lead Your Love Life,  Wedding Officiant, Oakland, California

Sarah Oswald, Lead Your Love Life,  Wedding Officiant, Oakland, California

"We met with Sarah three times before our wedding as a way to set aside time to discuss issues in our relationship about which we were contemplating. This having been the first time either of us had worked with a coach, we were both nervous. Sarah recognized that immediately and was able to frame an atmosphere that helped us relax and share freely. Her skill that first session allowed us to approach the next two sessions with excitement and comfort. Sarah balanced sharing personal experience, to help us feel like she understood from where we were coming, with skill of keeping sessions focused on us and our needs. She was kind, warm and also allowed us the space to laugh. We truly enjoyed the experience working with Sarah and would like to figure out a way to make space in our lives for continued coaching."

-Rachel and Shawn, July, 2017

"Our time with Sarah has been absolutely eye opening.  Sarah has given us the space needed to thoughtfully reflect on the relationships we have with others, and with ourselves. By the end of only a few sessions, we took a step back and saw how far we had come.  We can say confidently that with Sarah's help we have greatly improved our ability to communicate with ourselves, each other and the people surrounding us."

-Aaron and Dayna, September, 2017

Sarah Oswald, Lead Your Love Life,  Wedding Officiant, Oakland, California




"I've been to countless weddings and ceremonies of various types and I must say, Sarah truly has a gift. She facilitated the marriage of my friends to perfection with depth and humor and grace. I recommend her for any ceremonial leadership you might have need for and especially for those involving a love bond."

-Jesse Seavers

Sarah Oswald, Lead Your Love Life,  Wedding Officiant, Oakland, California

Sarah Oswald, Lead Your Love Life,  Wedding Officiant, Oakland, California

"Sarah officiated my daughter's wedding last July. Aside from being a lovely woman outwardly, it was Sarah's inner ambiance that helped create the happiest day of my daughter's life. Sarah took a great deal of time learning about the romance which ultimately led to the big day. All of the conventional traditions were there but Sarah's intrinsic instinct of life and love added a unique and earthy quality that was truly magical. I would highly recommend this lovely, young women to anyone about to take their marriage vows!"

-Cathy Bergquist



"I've witnessed Sarah officiate several weddings.  She is compassionate, articulate, kind and honest.  She uses her skill as a coach to get to know you, weaving together the narrative of a couple's joint existence, and delivering that story gracefully to an audience.  This isn't just her job, it's what she lives for -- and it shows."

-Nick Masson

Sarah Oswald, Lead Your Love Life,  Wedding Officiant, Oakland, California

Sarah Oswald, Lead Your Love Life,  Wedding Officiant, Oakland, California

"I was at a wedding last summer that Sarah facilitated on a couples canoe trip we co-hosted and it was amazing! The venue was perfect, and her words were incredible, inspiring, and appropriate. She is also a talented couples coach and I was witness to highly skilled coaching with 2 different couples- one was the couple who got married later in the week. She is amazing!"

-Lauren Bond Kovsky