InCahoots Sarah Oswald Team Dynamics Community Building

I facilitate and design interactions at conferences, summits and events.

Hire me to:

  • Help your networks form and connect

  • Use everyone’s time efficiently

  • Get to the heart of conversations that matter most

  • And have a blast doing it!

I empower communities to thrive by accelerating the value of their bonds and maximizing their net business impact.

My clients can expect to see breakthroughs in their group’s capacity for creativity, problem solving, and productivity. Our communities can expect to have more meaningful and useful gatherings.

InCahoots Sarah Oswald Team Dynamics Community Building
InCahoots Sarah Oswald Team Dynamics Community Building


No words can do justice to the energy and light that Sarah brings to a room. It’s rare to find someone that can be positive and resilient in any situation, and Sarah does just that. For the past year Sarah led monthly facilitated discussions on what it means to build a successful community. As an organizer herself she constantly put on her creative thinking cap to empathize and creatively find solutions for every organizer's needs.”

-Sam Sorscher, Meetup Community Organizer

InCahoots Sarah Oswald Team Dynamics Community Building


I design and facilitate connective human experiences that foster meaningful relationships. I customize every service to the unique context and needs of your organization or event. The work is not one-size-fits-all, it is always informed directly by you.

Our services for a one-off conference start at $500, and range from there depending on time commitment and the amount of design and content we provide.

We’ll begin with a conversation to explore your needs and visions to inform a design proposal.


Contact me for an exploration of collaboration!

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