“No words can do justice to the energy and light that Sarah brings to a room. It’s rare to find someone that can be positive and resilient in any situation, and Sarah does just that. For the past year Sarah led monthly facilitated discussions on what it means to build a successful community. As an organizer herself she constantly put on her creative thinking cap to empathize and creatively find solutions for every organizer's needs.”

-Sam Sorscher, Meetup Community Organizer


“Sitting in the most ancient form of human connection, the circle, we shared why we had come. The common thread was our desire for community, the chance to meet like-minded people, and most of all to talk meaningfully in ways we didn’t know how to initiate — but wished we could. The closing circle energy was deeper, more grounded, more present and more open — but both circles were inclusive of everyone. And isn’t that the key? Inclusion of everyone, because we all have a story to tell, if we only give each other permission to ask the right questions. Sarah and Rachel provide the environment and the creative structure where new ways of connection can unfold. Community happens if you just show up!”

-Beth Kuper, Random Acts of DateNight Attendee


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